about markus prime ribs

Markus was established in 2017 by Emirhan Parali and Sinan Büdeyri, alumni of the same college whose paths would cross years later for the love of gastronomy.

It all began when these two friends came together to establish Wondercats — an Istanbul based pop-up dinner series that launched in 2016, when all Emirhan and Sinan wanted to find out was if they could get to work together and know each other better. Within a year, they envisioned a new space where people would feel they are where they want to be, surrounded by community, food, and objects with great stories to tell. It would be a space with art on its walls, playing Blues and Led Zeppelin as much as possible while serving a single product in its best form, striving to deliver a more elevated experience every time.

Markus Prime Ribs Society addresses taste, sight, and soul, while also providing space for experiences in art, design, music, and other disciplines. In this respect, rather than being a typical restaurant, Markus Prime Ribs Society carries the mission of existing as a like-minded community that supports each other.

working hours

mon-sat: 17:00 – 00:00
we are closed on sundays.

daily: 11:30 – 23:00

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